Make & Monetize Pixel Art Characters

Make & Monetize Pixel Art Characters, Learn how to make and monetize pixel art product.

Welcome to the Make & Monetize Pixel Art Characters course. This course will provide you with a step by step tutorial on how to create pixel art characters using various tools like Pixilart and Piskel App where you will learn how to turn your creative imagination into high quality pixel art characters. As the world’s economy started to shift toward the digital economy which also correlates to the increase of demand for digital products and pixel art is one of them. People have been using pixel art for many different purposes, such as creating designs for t-shirts, making characters for cartoon animation videos, or even for NFT collections. Therefore, by mastering this skill, it will not only enable you to have high demand skills in today’s market but also open up a lot of opportunities, whether you want to create pixel characters for your games, create cartoon comics, perhaps even offering your service to do freelancing, or whatever your objectives might be.

This course mainly focuses on two aspects, the first one is the technical aspect where you will learn how to sketch outlines, design pixels on websites like Pixilart and Piskel App, create the animated version of your pixel character and even transform real photos into pixel character. As a matter of fact, in this course, you will learn how to turn your own photo into a cool looking pixel art character version of yourself in less than two minutes. Meanwhile the second aspect is the business aspect where you will learn how to monetise this skillset, we will have discussion about potential business models you can start, effective strategies to market your pixel based products and how pixel art can positively impact your branding whether you want to use it as your social media profile picture or use it as the logo of your company.

In this course, you will learn learn these following things:

  • How to create pixel art characters using Pixilart
  • How to create pixel art characters using Piskell App
  • How to identify market and pick a niche
  • How to sketch outline on white board
  • How to transform photo into pixel art version
  • How to make high quality gradient background
  • How to animate pixel art character
  • Pricing and marketing strategies
  • Potential business ideas to monetize pixel art products
  • Pixel art for branding

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