Localization in UX Writing

Localization in UX Writing, How To Write Microcopy For A Global Audience.

Digital products are amazing: Unlike physical products, they can be exported into different markets with just a few clicks – well, technically. Practically, launching your website or app in a foreign market means way more than just auto-translating your copy and adapting your Terms of Services. It mean, re-creating your product in a way that meets the needs, values, and preferences of your target audience. This process is called Localization.

But what exactly is Localization? How does it work? And as UX Writers, what is our job in the Localization process?

For UX Writers, being part of the Localization process is crucial: As experts in content design, communication, and copy, UX Writers accompany all steps of the Localization process and jump in whenever their knowledge and skills are needed. Sometimes, they are even asked to manage the Localization process. Therefore, it is crucial for UX Writers to understand how Localization works, who is involved, and what needs to be done at which point in time.

So, yup, Localization can be a complex endeavor! But don’t worry: This course has you covered.

Who should join

This course is the perfect match for all UX Writers who already have some basic knowledge about UX Writing. It is also great for UX designers, UI designers, developers, product managers, and all other kinds of professionals working in the field of digital product development. Generally, if this topic sounds interesting to you: Hop on board!

What you will learn

In this course, you will learn

  • what translation is and what Localization is
  • about the single steps of the Localization process
  • about the role of the UX Writer in the Localization process
  • about the challenges of the Localization process
  • about which tools to use during the Localization process

Sounds good? Then join this class and learn how to work through the Localization process as a UX Writer!

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