How to draw Manga from start to finish – Manga Masterclass

How to draw Manga from start to finish – Manga Masterclass, Learn how to make & draw manga with shot manga & drawing tutorials, using clip studio paint.

Course Descritpion

Dive into the exciting world of manga creation with our easy-to-follow course, “How to draw manga from start to finish!”

Learn the powerful Kishotenketsu storytelling method, perfect for creating engaging plots and the secrets to hooking your reader from the get-go and understand the difference between a one-shot and a chapter one.

Learn how to draw anime/ manga characters, scriptwriting, and storyboarding with step-by-step guidance. Master paneling, pacing, and seamless page flips for an immersive reader experience.

Learn sketching, inking, and screentones to bring your manga to life. Plus, gain insights into maintaining a positive mindset, overcoming procrastination, and finding your creative purpose.

By the end of this 1-hour masterclass, you’ll confidently make your own manga/ comic in no time!

Here are all the topics that you will learn with the course:

  1. Making the Story
  2. Kishotenketsu storytelling technique
  3. Kishotenketsu story Explained
  4. How to hook the reader
  5. One-shot vs. Chapter 1
  6. Making the Characters
  7. Making the Script
  8. Making the storyboard
  9. Paneling
  10. Pacing
  11. Flipping the page
  12. Making your first Page
  13. Lettering your manga page
  14. Sketching
  15. Your Art
  16. Inking
  17. Screentones
  18. Mindset
  19. Procrastinating

    you will get access to 4 Manga templates to speed up your progress of making your comic:

  20. Manga Script Template
  21. Manga Character Template
  22. Manga Storyboard Template
  23. Manga Page Template

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