Grasshopper- Parametric Design- From Beginner to Advanced

Grasshopper- Parametric Design- From Beginner to Advanced, Parametric Design in Rhino: Advanced 3D Modeling, Patterns, Optimization and Analysis for Architectural Innovation.

Course Description

Note: This is a project-based Course where all the topics covered have been examined on real-world projects.

  • Are you familiar with Grasshopper’s parametric design system?
  • Have you ever wondered how intricate designs are created using parametric modeling?
  • Do you want to explore the unique advantages that Grasshopper offers compared to other design software?

Grasshopper, a powerful visual programming language plugin for Rhinoceros 3D, has become a go-to tool for designers, architects, and artists. It revolutionizes the design process by enabling the creation of complex and dynamic forms through algorithmic modeling.
Grasshopper’s strength lies in its ability to generate parametric designs using a node-based system. Originally developed as a parametric extension for Rhino, Grasshopper has evolved into a versatile platform used across various design disciplines. The course is designed to demystify Grasshopper and guide you through its functionalities, providing a solid foundation for mastering this innovative tool.


  • Parametric Patterns
  • Practical Plugins
  • Advanced Modeling Training
  • Create Algorithmic Solutions
  • Parametric Design
  • Understand the Parametric Concepts
  • Manage Data Structures
  • Physical Modeling
  • Unique Parametric Designs
  • Digital Fabrication Process

Please watch this course and feel free to ask me any questions you have while watching it. Additionally, during the learning Grasshopper, ask me questions so that I can guide you.

Enroll now for being professional in Grasshopper and parametric design.

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