EmoCraft: Mastering Emotional Materials in Design TM

EmoCraft: Mastering Emotional Materials in Design TM, Real Time Case Study.

Course Description

Embark on a transformative journey with our course, “EmoCraft: Mastering Emotional Materials in Design,” where the language of materials converges with the art of emotional design. This course is a comprehensive exploration of various materials, from wood to sheet metal, bamboo to plastic, glass to ceramic, unraveling the fundamental properties that define them. Delve into the realm of emotions embedded in materials and discover how, as designers, you can orchestrate emotional experiences through material selection.

Course Highlights:

  1. Material Identification Mastery: Learn the essentials of identifying and understanding various materials, encompassing wood, sheet metal, bamboo, plastic, glass, ceramic, and more. Develop a profound knowledge of their basic properties.
  2. Real-time Examples and Usage: Explore each material through vivid pictures and real-time examples, unveiling their applications in our daily lives. Understand the tangible connection between materials and our surroundings.
  3. Classification Demystified: Gain insights into the classification of metals, plastics, and alloys, providing a structured understanding with branches and sub-classifications essential for product designers.
  4. In-depth Analysis of Plastics and Sheet Metal: Delve into the intricacies of plastics and sheet metal, exploring alloys, normal sheet metal, polymers, elastomers, and thermoplastic polymers. Real-time examples and visuals enhance comprehension.
  5. Emotional Impact of Materials: Understand how different materials evoke distinct emotions when perceived or touched. Explore the concept of “emotional materials” and equate specific emotions with each material, accompanied by illustrative pictures.
  6. Creating Feelings through Texture: Witness examples of materials creating different feelings based on their texture – whether hard, soft, medium, or rough. Pictures and real-world examples illuminate the diverse tactile experiences materials can offer.
  7. Building Your Design Library: Empower yourself as a designer by learning how to evoke specific emotions through material choices. Develop the skill to curate your own library of emotional materials, crafting a distinct design statement.
  8. Unique Design Expression: Uncover the power to express unique design perspectives by leveraging materials as emotional tools. Understand the significance of this skill in establishing a distinct and sought-after design identity.

This course is a gateway to mastering the emotional language of materials, providing designers with the knowledge and skills needed to infuse their creations with a profound and emotive impact. Join “EmoCraft” and elevate your design practice by mastering the art of emotional material selection.


Dr. FAK Noble Ai Researcher, Scientists, Product Developer, Innovator & Pure Consciousness Expert

Founder of Noble Transformation Hub TM

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