Design Unveiling BMW’s Legacy at the BMW Museum, Germany TM

Design Unveiling BMW’s Legacy at the BMW Museum, Germany TM, Real Time Case Study.

Course Description

Embark on a thrilling journey through automotive history with “Drive Through Design,” a course that takes students on an immersive exploration of the BMW Car Museum in Munich, Germany. Uncover the secrets behind BMW’s iconic brand, delve into the architectural marvels of the museum space, and learn from the designers who have shaped the aesthetics and form language of BMW cars through the decades.

Key Highlights:

  1. Designer’s Perspective Exploration: Gain insights into the designer’s perspective when visiting a car museum. Understand the nuances of form language, economics, color fit, finish, and aesthetic beauty through the lens of BMW’s iconic designs.
  2. BMW’s Design Evolution: Trace the captivating history of BMW’s design, from its early days in the 1940s to the present and envisioning its future. Explore the evolution of design principles that have defined BMW’s iconic status in the automotive world.
  3. Architectural Marvels Unveiled: Immerse yourself in the architectural beauty of the BMW Museum, BMW Office inspired by the iconic Gram Jeet aircraft engine, and BMW World. Learn how the physical spaces contribute to creating an engaging environment for selling experiences, not just products.
  4. Data-Driven Insights: Explore statistics, data, and trend analysis relevant to the future of organizations and traffic congestion. Understand how the museum aligns with United Nations sustainability goals, addressing challenges such as carbon dioxide emissions and sustainable urban mobility.
  5. Form Language and Sensual Experience: Delve into the intricacies of BMW’s form language and how designers create a sensual experience for users. Analyze real-time examples and pictures to understand how students can extract design elements and replicate expressive forms in their own designs.
  6. Houses of BMW Design: Explore the various “houses” within BMW, including the House of Design, House of Brand, and House of Motorsports. Gain insights into how each house contributes to BMW’s overall design philosophy and brand identity.
  7. Practical Class Project: Engage in a hands-on class project that encourages students to visit a local showroom or any car museum. Document observations creatively, developing crucial documentation skills that can be utilized in portfolios and future career endeavors.

Enroll in “Drive Through Design” to unravel the secrets of BMW’s legacy, understand the intricacies of automotive design, and gain practical skills that bridge theory and real-world application in the dynamic field of automotive design.


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