Getting Started with Gmail, Google Drive, Docs and Calendar
Getting Started with Gmail, Google Drive, Docs and Calendar, "A great introduction to four of Googles most popular tools - Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Calendar".This course is an ...
Google Spreadsheet Basics: A (Free) Introduction
Google Spreadsheet Basics: A (Free) Introduction, Learn Google Spreadsheets Step by Step, and Ditch Excel for the More Powerful Google Docs!Become a master Google Docs user with this course on ...
Labels Manager for Gmail
Labels Manager for Gmail, Manage Your Gmail labels in bulk right from your Google sheet, easily export, create, update or delete Gmail labels.A few months ago I was helping an enterprise customer ...
A beginner’s guide to Google forms
A beginner's guide to Google forms, Google forms, Learn Google forms, Introduction to google forms, Surveys, polls, google apps, G-suite.Forms can be helpful for anyone at any instant of time. ...

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