What are the Key Parts of Productive Requirements Meetings?

What are the Key Parts of Productive Requirements Meetings?, An overview of collaboration in business needs conversations and why it is important for effective user story workshops.

This is not a how-to course. We share insights with you about how collaboration contributes to generating better outcomes in requirements meetings and workshops. This course is about what collaboration is, with a few ideas about the when, and a lot about the why you need it now. Because this is a free course introductory course, Udemy does not offer certificates. For that reason, we do not include quizzes as those make students think they can get a certificate at the end.

To learn how to facilitate requirements workshops and engage in collaborative conversations, we recommend our 3+ hour course “Lead and Contribute to Collaborative Meetings and Workshops“.


Collaboration: The Secret to Creative Thinking

Collaboration is when two or more people work together to solve a problem or accomplish a task. Research has shown that when people collaborate, projects are completed faster and more efficiently. Collaborative work is also less stressful than working alone. Working together with other professionals can help come up with new ideas, which are often better than the ones suggested by one person alone.

Collaboration is important because it increases the chance of identifying the right requirements that are needed to meet the business objectives by making sure all stakeholders are involved in identifying needs and wants for their respective areas.


Soft and Hard Skills Allow You to Engage Productively in User Story Conversations

Understanding how collaboration works will help you shine in virtual and in-person meetings whether you are a leader or contributor. We examine the benefits of working collaboratively to define business needs, what makes collaboration work, and how to make sure it works well.

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