Uk Real Estate Investment. The Data Driven Way.

Uk Real Estate Investment. The Data Driven Way, Data driven, first principles approach to buy to let real estate investment in the UK.

A beginner course in buying the optimal buy to let investment in the UK.  Nick explains the key principles behind optimal buy to let investment.  There are video walk-throughs of tools you can use.  He explains:


  • Using data wisely gives you a huge competitive advantage
  • Learn how to ‘read’ an area and gain insights only locals would know.
  • Make objective investment decisions

Key principles for buy to let investment

  • Understand human behaviour to identify the best deals
  • Areas don’t change much, people change in areas
  • You can’t make land ( easily ) so There is very little price elasticity.
  • Property markets work in repetitive cycles, on average every 18 years

Demographic analysis, tools tips and tricks

  • Assuming property is a ‘human’ thing, understand which signals matter most for buy to let investment
  • Examining social grades and other key metrics
  • Free tools you can use now

Capital growth, how you can identify areas with growth potential:

  • Understanding capital growth
  • Why it’s make or break for wealth gain or loss
  • Examining the 2008 property crash and how it affected different areas and cities.
  • Identifying areas with greatest capital growth potential
  • Free tools and resources

Negotiating the deal:

  • Questions you should ask
  • How to present yourself when negotiating
  • Making the offer

The course is free and has numerous tools and resources for you to download.  It should give you a good foundation for analysing the right data to make good buy to let investment decisions.

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