Train The Trainer: How To Design Engaging Training Content

Train The Trainer: How To Design Engaging Training Content, A Straight To The Point Train The Trainer Course To Help You Craft High-quality Training Courses.

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Teaching content for a training course can often seem like quite an easy task. You know what you’re talking about, and how to explain it to beginners, so you’re halfway there already. However, it’s hard to gauge what your learners think about the way the content is taught. Is it engaging? Do you explain it well? Are the learning objectives easy to obtain?

In this course, we are going to be training the trainer. By giving you all the right tools to design your own course, you will be able to produce content that spikes the learner’s curiosity and leaves them wanting to understand more. Learning can be addictive – it’s just a case of getting them into the mindset in the first place.

The order of the content can be just as important as the way in which you teach it, so you will also learn how to structure a training course correctly. You will also come to appreciate the importance of learning objectives, and how they can boost a learner’s confidence. By giving them achievable, realistic but still challenging objectives for each section of your course, your learner can perfectly monitor their growth over time.

As well as using the ADDIE model and capability building exercises, you will soon have the perfect skillset to not only teach content in an exciting manner but structure it in a way to keep your audience hooked. Over the next few lectures, you will gradually understand how to create a training course, specifically one that is rich with information and has the learner coming back for more every time.

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