Teamwork Foundations

Teamwork Foundations, Details about teamwork management.

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When people use teamwork, they listen to others’ ideas in a nonjudgmental fashion and allow ideas to be expressed without “squashing” them prematurely, offer constructive feedback to others with the goal of improving processes and outcomes, listen to feedback and act on it when it can help a team or group improve, share ideas, allowing them to go from “my” idea to “our” idea, assist others when needed, share expertise, work together to accomplish a task more efficiently and effectively trust each other.

And . . . when the above behaviors become routine within a group, a team, or an entire organization, the results can be amazing.

Why Teamwork Is So Powerful

Teamwork enables individuals to do together what they cannot accomplish by themselves.

Why Teamwork Doesn’t Happen

People who foster or demonstrate teamwork understand its benefits. They recognize that teamwork yields far better results than when people work in isolation or against each other. They also know that lack of teamwork can sabotage the greatest plans or the noblest task—even if several incredibly talented people are focused on the plan or the task. To put this into everyday language, no matter how talented a quarterback is, he doesn’t win a football game by himself.

So, if teamwork yields such awesome results, why isn’t everyone doing it?

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