Tableau | A Quick Start Guide

Tableau | A Quick Start Guide, Tableau is used by thousands of companies worldwide. This quick start course will provide you a foundation in Tableau.

Course Description

So imagine you have a big list of data (say for example in Excel, SQL, MS Access, MySQL, Oracle, etc.) suffice to say that data is practically unreadable.  Let’s be honest, there is no real way for the data makes sense.  Or put another way how do you make heads or tales  out of something so illegible? This is where Tableau can save the day.  🙂

With Tableau you can create really cool, slick, visualizations (AKA charts) that allow you to interpret your data in “picture” form to learn the story it’s telling you.  Tableau is highly intuitive, incredibly powerful and flat out fun to use.

This course has been designed to provide a high level overview of the foundational topics in Tableau, with the hope you will take what you learn and apply it to higher levels of Tableau.

The course begins with an overview of Tableau, of which we dub “kicking the tires”, from there you will get an intro to calculations on Tableau, then the fun begins— with a whole module dedicated to common Tableau visualizations, culminating with showing you how to create dashboards and storylines.

Each module/ video tutorial is topical in nature and you can pick and choose the order in which you learn since there is no true progression path to the course.  That said, we’ve tried to arrange the content so it has the best and easy logical flow.

Topics you will learn: Connecting to data sources, basic chart formatting, sorting, filtering, basic calculations, common Tableau visualizations, dashboards and storylines.

This course is designed for beginners/ novices in Tableau so experienced people need not apply.  🙂

** IMPORTANT** This course uses Tableau 9 which is not the most recent version of Tableau since the video series was put together a few years ago.  However all the content within the class applies to Tableau 9.x and higher, just note your screen may look a little different.

So why is this course free?  Simple. By chance this course can help someone, somehow, someway stay afloat economically, move to a better vocation, or allow them a better career….it’s well worth it in my view.  ~ Dave (the course author)

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