Sustainability in Supply Chain

Sustainability in Supply Chain, Learn Sustainability Strategies and Framework in Supply Chain Management.

Course Description

The course on Sustainability in Supply Chain aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand, analyze, and implement sustainable practices within supply chain management. The global economy is increasingly recognizing the importance of sustainability in business operations, and supply chains play a crucial role in this paradigm shift. This course provides an in-depth exploration of sustainability concepts, strategies, and tools applicable to supply chain management across various industries.

Key Areas Covered:

  1. Environmental Sustainability in Supply Chain:
    • Exploring the environmental impacts of supply chain activities
    • Strategies for reducing carbon footprint, energy consumption, and waste generation
  2. Hierarchy of Priorities and Responsibilities of Supply:
    • Understanding the prioritization of sustainability within supply chain decision-making
    • Responsibilities of different stakeholders in driving sustainability initiatives
  3. Social Sustainability in Supply Chain:
    • Strategies for promoting fair labor practices, human rights, and diversity within supply chains
    • Addressing social issues such as worker welfare, community engagement, and supply chain ethics
  4. Sustainable Purchasing Framework (Steps 1 to 4):
    • Introduction to the sustainable purchasing process
    • Step-by-step framework for integrating sustainability criteria into procurement practices
  5. ISO 26000 – Social Sustainability:
    • Overview of ISO 26000 guidelines for social responsibility
    • Application of ISO 26000 principles in supply chain management
  6. Supplier Development:
    • Approaches to fostering sustainable practices among suppliers
    • Collaboration strategies for supplier capacity building and improvement
  7. Setting a Science-Based Target:
    • Understanding the concept of science-based targets for emissions reduction
    • Methods for setting and tracking progress towards sustainability goals
  8. Sustainability Dimensions:
    • Exploring the interconnectedness of environmental, social, and economic, ethical dimensions in sustainable supply chain management
  9. Case Studies Examples:
    • Analysis of sustainability initiatives at leading companies such as Walmart, Ford, Toyota, and Unilever
    • Learning from real-world examples of successful sustainability implementation in supply chains
  10. Socially Responsible Supply Chain:
    • Principles and practices for building socially responsible supply chains
    • Integration of social sustainability considerations into supply chain strategy and operations
  11. Supplier Sustainability:
    • Assessment and management of supplier sustainability performance
    • Collaboration with suppliers to improve sustainability practices and outcomes
  12. ISO 14000 Environmental Management Systems:
    • Overview of ISO 14000 series standards for environmental management
    • Implementation of environmental management systems within supply chain operations
  13. Industry-Specific Certifications:
    • Exploration of industry-specific sustainability certifications and standards
    • Criteria and requirements for obtaining and maintaining certifications
  14. The Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi):
    • Introduction to the Science Based Targets initiative
    • Guidelines for setting science-based emissions reduction targets in alignment with climate science

This course is your starting point to learn about sustainable supply chains and how they are driving business transformation.

Enroll now and be at the forefront of a business revolution that marries profit with purpose. Together, let’s create a sustainable future.

Be equipped to support your business in building a better, more sustainable world for all people.

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