Strategic Thinking: Master Strategic Thinking Tools

Strategic Thinking: Master Strategic Thinking Tools, Learn Strategic Thinking To Overcome Obstacles, Assess Risks And Improve Your Decision-Making Skills

Course Description

Are you looking for ways to improve your strategic thinking skills? Are you striving to be more conscious about risk management? Perhaps you find yourself in scenarios where you have to make complex decisions and would like some methods to help you reduce the overwhelm involved and think more clearly. No matter what your aspirations are, this course will help you to master the art of strategic thinking.

Strategic thinking is a vital skill to have, no matter your professional background. It involves thinking in an intentional and rational manner, analysing various opportunities and threats in order to secure the long-term success of any business endeavour.

Throughout the course, we will dive into several tools that will help make complex decisions, such as the Decision Tree Model, RAM Matrix, SPADE, and the BRIDGeS model for multi-context decisions. We will also cover RACI, a responsibility charting system, as well as a cost-benefit analysis.

Overcoming risks is not an easy task. This is why we will be covering the Risk Assessment Framework in order to fully grasp the importance of taking calculated and well-thought-out risks.

We will then cover some additional strategic thinking tools you can adopt in your daily life, both personally and professionally, such as Porter’s Five Forces and competitor analysis. Last but not least, we will examine some real-life examples.

So, if you’re looking to improve your strategic thinking skills, this course will help you do just that. Enrol now to develop a new level of foresight and analytical thought so you can perform better than ever, no matter what your professional role is.

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