Scrum – Crash Course (for Free)

Scrum – Crash Course (for Free), Learn the essentials of Scrum & the Scrum Framework with an experienced Scrum Master!

Course Description

Welcome to How to Scrum – a 5-days Crash Course!

If you want detailed walk through of scrum and scrum framework, visit howtoscrumdotcom website – you will find:

· How to Scrum – Be an Effective Scrum Master

· Digital Transformation & Cloud Computing

· Scrum Commonly Asked Questions & Prepare for CSM Exam

· Interview with experienced Scrum Master Audio, Videos, blogs & templates

CAREER COACHING: Book time with me to go over your career goals, interview preparation and help with your resume, mentorship on agile and scrum knowledge until you land your dream job!

Coaching Agenda:

-Go over your background

-What type of jobs are you looking for?

-What skills do you have?

-What’s your vision? Where will you see yourself in the next 2-3 years?

-Create a plan-of-action to land your dream job


Video #1 – The simple truth you need to know about Agile and Scrum Frameworks to inspire a team

Video #2 – How to avoid the major team breakdown and instead focus on making teams effective and accountable

Video #3 – “What does a Scrum Master Day Look Like?” – The most common question asked!

Video #4 – The secret reality of certifications and what is recommended & what tips in becoming certified

Video #5 – What are the 3 killer questions asked during the Scrum Master Interview?

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