Sales Training: Ultimate Sales Training Program

Sales Training: Ultimate Sales Training Program, Learn how one of South Africa’s largest marketing agencies Pandor Digital conducts it’s sales and closes 9/10 deals!

Why should you learn this sales training program?

We’re all in sales, every human interaction is a creative transaction of sorts, if it is financial, personal, friendships, relationships, sales is all about relationships.

Selling is everywhere, whether you’re selling a product, service, or yourself. There are, however, a lot of problems when it comes to selling:

  • How do you get people to like you?
  • What should you say?
  • How do you pitch your product, service, or idea?
  • How can you tell if they’re interested in what you’ve got?
  • How do you close the deal? What if they say “no”?
  • How to handle objections?
  • What does the sales & customer journey look like?
  • How can I confidently close deals that are out of my realm of belief?

After having taken this course, you will have the skills to be self-disciplined and failure proof yourself, understand the deep psychology of sales to close deals of any size or number, practical ways of practising your skills, and set you on a course that will multiply your ability to overshoot your goals and expectations, this course has already helped Pandor Digital staff generate $100 000 in new retainers every month, from being interns to becoming extremely successful, we have finally made this course public so that others to can benefit from our proprietary methods and how we have arranged them to create an easy, simple and clear-cut path to closing your next $ 100 000 deal, if its B2C, B2B or selling low, medium or high ticket items, this course is for you!

There is a PROVEN system used by professionals, entrepreneurs, and regular folks to build their business relationships, we uncover it and get straight to it, in fact we teach the methods and only focus on the important points, your time is important, so we keep all the unnecessary fluff out of it and hand-picked the methods that get you right into it, this is a refined course with many hard months of compiling and refining the exact right content & recipe needed to be one of the top sales individuals out there.

Successful sales people focus on short-term tactics to gain customers (used car salesmen). Consequently, buyers get unhappy with their purchases and business relationships break down. Here is the good news: This failure is an opportunity for you.

This course was put together by David Eini, the founder of one of South Africa’s largest marketing agencies, with audiences of 200 000+ members and works with individuals and companies that generate over a million dollars per month.

This sales training course is taught to the entire Pandor Sales team, working with some of the world’s leading accredited German marketing universities such as Munich Marketing Akadamie, to learn the techniques, methods and skills that have built Pandor Digital through real life trial and errors, these methods still to this day convert $100 000+ monthly retainers.

The methods covered are extremely effective and will always be effective as we teach the methods behind the strategy and not just a strategy that can become out dated and cause individuals to be desensitised to it.

Have you ever listened to a course or motivational speakers and felt wonderful and excited but leave without feeling fulfilled, or an actionable way to find a route to success? Well this course is going to give you a clear-cut path, tools and methods on how to avoid failure and letting ourselves down, it’s actually never been your fault, the fact that you have read this far means that you are interested in self-improvement and take responsibility over your own success, it comes down to being aware of ourselves and knowing what to do in order to maintain our momentum, it will all make sense and I challenge everyone who has read this far to take that leap and try it, this is not just good copy or good marketing, we genuinely urge you to take that leap, you will find rich value in the methods covered!

Here you get to harness the power of real knowledge and wisdom, so you can too create and discover a life of abundance and financial freedom through the process of applying the knowledge in this course.

This course will lay an extremely powerful foundation from basic to advanced training, which will provide you tools which will turn you into an expert in sales and social situations, with practice and action, you will be able to close any deal!

What makes our course stand out is that we get straight into the important bits, we skip all the noise and hone in on the real methods and skills you need to succeed, it’s packaged in a way that this is the first or last stop you will ever need, this course has stood the trial of time, it even worked during covid, it has been designed through real life and practical proof of concepts, not just theory, it is proven to be successful in taking individuals from little to no knowledge and turning them into the top preforming sales individuals out there!


This Ultimate Sales course is designed to teach anyone the essential selling skills you’ll need to sell your product, service, and even yourself to anyone. Everything is given to you. You’ll have all the tools you need.

If you do this program, take action and aren’t satisfied with your results, you will have a 30-day money back guarantee by Udemy.

I hope to see you in our lessons and am excited to hear what everyone has to say, sometimes when reviews are extremely genuine, I will reach out to students.

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