Sales Skills: Maximizing Sales In A Bad Economy

Sales Skills: Maximizing Sales In A Bad Economy, A New & Winning Sales Methodology To Increase Profits | Develop Recession-Proof Sales Skills!

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Maximising sales and converting people into recurring customers has never been harder, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In this course, you will learn exactly how to build sales methodologies and apply them to your company’s marketing strategy. One of the methods we’ll be covering is known as the ‘Inspiring Challenger Sale’, and is a robust set of tactics that you can take advantage of to promote profitable growth within your business.

The course begins by focusing on the psychology of sales, and how certain behaviours will increase your success within a competitive market. This includes concepts such as selling profiles, the rules of the ‘Inspiring Challenger Sale’, and the main qualities of the ‘Inspiring Challenger’ – all concepts that you can apply in the field straight away.

The sales process isn’t just a simple case of persuading the customer to buy your product. In order to keep them coming back for more, you need to inspire them to learn. By teaching you optimal tailoring, the five market forces, how to do a PEST analysis and abstract concepts such as ‘The Warmer’ and ‘The Reframe’, you will understand exactly how to keep the customer on your side and edge closer to a completed sale.

As you reach a closed sale, you need to understand what influences the decisions a customer will make. This comprises the concluding lectures of the course, as you will master competitive sales through the use of customer mapping, the ‘agreement staircase’, the ‘assertiveness continuum’ and the creation of a ‘joined up approach’. These concepts might seem alien to you now, but soon they’ll be excellent tools and tricks you will be integrating within your marketing methodology to correctly maximise sales potential for your company.

Whilst this course is mainly tailored for sales executives and business owners looking to develop sales methodologies in an uncertain marketing climate, it is perfect for anyone in the sales industry, especially those who want to learn the key to selling with integrity and confidence.

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