How to Make the Best of Hybrid Working Patterns

How to Make the Best of Hybrid Working Patterns, Managing Time & Energy and Avoiding Burnout.

This course enables you to achieve better Work/Life balance. You will learn how to focus and be resilient in this context of hybrid working. The course comes out of the application of mindfulness practice in noticing your stress management patterns. You will be able to avoid burnout.

The last couple of years has seen in a disruption in the way we work. Our workplaces have changed from offices to remote and now hybrid. Whist this has brought a lot more flexibility and opportunity to how we work, it has also come with challenges. This course will give you the tools to manage hybrid working patterns with success.

During the course you will look at your own experience of where all the time goes and how that affects you and your wellbeing. You will then consider what you can do to change the patterns. You will learn new techniques for managing stress in the short term, whilst also making the best of your role at work to create the conditions for long term resilience.

The course is based on a tried and tested tool, used in many types of businesses and coaching sessions called ‘time and energy auditing’. The course uses the latest trends in hybrid working patterns to explain how that interfaces with why we are seeing increasing levels of burnout in many professions.

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