How Enterprise Sellers close 7-Figure deals

How Enterprise Sellers close 7-Figure deals, A masterclass in finding, progressing, and closing uncommonly large enterprise deals.

Course Description

Closing a 7-figure enterprise deal is a career-defining moment for any seller.

  • Company executives reach out congratulating you on your success
  • Large ($100,000+) commission checks are headed your way
  • Ability to tell your story at team, regional, national meetings
  • An incredible resume-builder that will immediately differentiate you among other sellers when looking for a promotion or new job placement

However, when companies are parting with that amount of money, they treat the buying decision differently. They place far greater scrutiny on the security, financial, and technical impact to their business.

You need to be prepared for that additional complexity, and how to lead large account teams


-12 Recorded Video Lectures, over 2 hrs of content

-10 Lessons, 10 Chapters

-Stories and supporting examples

-Actionable guidance that you can start applying

This will make you a better seller, and provide the mindset shift to help you close uncommonly large deals.

Learn to:

-Start 7-figure conversations, become fluent in business terms and how to set up uncommonly large deals

-Progress opportunities through the phases of the sales cycle

-How to identify the right internal champions, and mobilize them to win conversations internally

-How to manage large, diverse account teams of 40+ people

-Ensure organizations feel comfortable and confident in what you have to sell

-Work with many kinds of roles at the organization – IT, Security, Finance, Legal, etc.

-Bring the deal across the finish line!

Can I expense this?

Yes of course! You’ll receive a detailed invoice to use with your employer.

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