Google Earth Pro for Prospectors and Miners

Google Earth Pro for Prospectors and Miners, Learn how to use Google Earth Pro from basic skills, to target generation and project/area evaluation for prospecting.

Course Description

Introducing our comprehensive course on Mapping with Google Earth!

Whether you’re an aspiring prospector, a geologist looking to further your skills or a miner with a project that needs development, our course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to navigate the world of project mapping with confidence.

With over 3 hours of engaging video content and support documents, our course covers a wide range of subjects, ensuring a complete learning experience for people of all levels of proficiency.

We start with the basics, guiding you through Google Earth’s interface and teaching you how to navigate and explore its vast features effectively.

As you progress, we delve into more advanced techniques, allowing you to create detailed maps and harness the full potential of Google Earth. From understanding complex layers and overlays to leveraging satellite imagery and a variety of other useful tools, we leave no stone unturned.

But we don’t stop at mere technical proficiency. Our course also focuses on project assessment and planning, providing you with the tools to analyse geographical data, assess potential sites, and plan projects effectively. You’ll gain valuable insights into optimizing your mapping workflows and producing accurate results.

What You Will Learn in this Course:

  • Navigation and Orientation
  • Organizing Folders
  • Layers
  • Measurment Tools
  • Markers and Waypoints
  • Polygons
  • Map Making
  • Working with Coordinates
  • Elevation Profiles
  • Using Satellite Imagery

…and much more!

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