Get IT Requirements Right by Improving Your People Skills

Get IT Requirements Right by Improving Your People Skills, Leverage the Power of Both Your Conscious and Nonconscious Minds to Help Stakeholders Reveal Their True Business Needs.

Getting domain experts to express their business needs is a difficult task. It’s not that they don’t want to cooperate; it’s just that they often don’t know what they want or how to express it. A great deal of the problem lies in how our minds work and communicate. Modern neuroscience studies reveal that we make the vast majority of our choices without being consciously aware of it. These studies suggest that the solution lies in improving our ability to communicate with our nonconscious mind.

This overview course explains how understanding the roles that your conscious and nonconscious minds play in decisions can improve your business analysis skills tremendously. It is not a how-to course, but a brief presentation of why we struggle with defining what we want. It explains a different approach for guiding stakeholders to discover needs they don’t know they have.

Getting the right requirements for a proposed digital solution has long been considered the holy grail for those tasked with that responsibility.  Whether you work as a project leader, a business analyst, a systems analyst, an UX designer, or any role that needs to discover what stakeholders expect a software application to deliver, this course is for you.

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