First Australian Certified Admin Teaching you: HighLevel 101

First Australian Certified Admin Teaching you: HighLevel 101, HighLevel 101 – For beginners.

Course Description

Welcome to “HighLevel 101 – For Beginners,” your comprehensive guide to mastering the HighLevel platform! This course is designed specifically for beginners who want to leverage HighLevel’s powerful features to elevate their business operations.

Course Content:

  1. Welcome & Outcomes
    • Introduction to the course, outlining the objectives and expected outcomes by the end of the course.
  2. Overview of the Platform
    • Get an in-depth introduction to the HighLevel platform and its various features.
  3. What is a Domain and Why You Need One
    • Understand the importance of having a domain and how it plays a crucial role in your online presence.
  4. How to Connect Your Domain
    • Step-by-step instructions on connecting your domain to HighLevel for seamless integration.
  5. How to Send Emails
    • Learn how to set up and send emails using HighLevel’s robust email marketing tools.
  6. Build Your First Funnel Part 1: Forms & Surveys
    • Discover how to create effective forms and surveys to capture leads and gather valuable information.
  7. Build Your First Funnel Part 2: Funnel Editor
    • Dive into the funnel editor to design and customize your sales funnels for maximum conversion.
  8. Build Your First Funnel Part 3: Automation
    • Automate your funnels to streamline your marketing and sales processes.
  9. Set Up Your Business Profile
    • Learn how to set up your business profile to ensure your brand is presented professionally.
  10. Set Up Your Profile
    • Customize your personal profile to enhance your user experience on HighLevel.
  11. Adding Staff to Your Account
    • Find out how to add and manage staff members within your HighLevel account.
  12. Setting Up Your Calendar and Booking Part 1: Calendar Configuration
    • Configure your calendar to manage appointments and bookings efficiently.
  13. Setting Up Your Calendar and Booking Part 2: Automation
    • Automate your booking processes to save time and reduce manual effort.
  14. Contact List Part 1: Overview
    • Get an overview of managing your contact list within HighLevel.
  15. Contact List Part 2: Import/Export
    • Learn how to import and export contacts to and from your HighLevel account.
  16. Pipeline Part 1: Overview
    • Understand the sales pipeline and how to manage your sales process effectively.
  17. Pipeline Part 2: Automation
    • Automate your sales pipeline to enhance efficiency and productivity.
  18. Integrating Your Favorite Apps
    • Explore how to integrate HighLevel with your favorite apps for a seamless workflow.
  19. Integrating Your Social Media
    • Connect your social media accounts to HighLevel to manage your social presence from one place.
  20. Conclusion and What is Next
    • Wrap up the course with a summary and guidance on what steps to take next in your HighLevel journey.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to use HighLevel to its full potential, allowing you to optimize your business processes and achieve your goals. Enroll now and take the first step towards becoming a HighLevel pro!

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