Email Etiquette & Write it well Guide

Email Etiquette & Write it well Guide, Best Practices to get the message across clearly, convey the right tone, and present professional image.

Welcome to the Complete Email Etiquette  & Write it well Course. This is a course to help you write effective business emails in English.

It’s frustrating enough to struggle through unnecessary text trying to figure out what the sender wants you to understand or to do. But it’s even worse to reach the end of your message and still be confused about what the writer’s point is.

40 percent of Plantronics respondents “confessed that they have received e-mails that made no sense whatsoever, no matter how hard or long they squinted at their computer or devices’ screens.”

This course will help you clearly identify your own purpose in writing an e-mail. you will be able to send crystal-clear signals about why you’re asking for someone’s time and attention. You’ll also be more confident that your writing will help you keep your readers’ understanding and respect.

At the end of this course, you will learn:-

  • How to write a professional e-mail that gets results
  • Make better use of e-mail time
  • Avoid problems that can be costly
  • How to get the Content right
  • How to handle the Tone and Language
  • How to Structure your Email
  • Format your Email to an acceptable standard

It goes beyond theory and provides easy-to-implement examplesPractical solutions, and advice that you can start applying as soon as you watch the lectures!

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