EIQ2 – Partnering for Peak Customer Growth & Success

EIQ2 – Partnering for Peak Customer Growth & Success, How to Maximize Your Sales With Superior Customer Service.

Course Description

Partnering for success deals with the activities that emotionally bridge and facilitate selecting, obtaining, applying and engaging with ideas, services, and products that are perceived to enhance and optimize quality of life. This emphasizes consideration, attitude, engagement, involvement, experiences, and relationships that add value and create abundance.

Empathy and Emotional Intelligence serve as the connecting pieces to support decision making that satisfies wants and desires at high levels.

In this course, you will discover the Fundamentals of Customer service from the Emotional Intelligence perspective.


  • What Customers buy
  • USP as you’ve never seen it before
  • Magic Moments
  • Empathy as it drives better relationships
  • The ‘Know, Like and Trust’ principle
  • Superior loyalty
  • And much more…!

If someone asked me about customer service in the digital age, I would say it is more important than ever. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that 83% consumers agree that great customer service will make them lifelong customers.

To answer my question in the title of this article, YES. Customer service is still very important. The answer is simple: we all can go home now.

In all honesty, customer satisfaction and business success are inextricably linked. This is why I am here to discuss whyit is important and how you can give it the love it needs. Who doesn’t want happy and loyal customers?

Is Customer Service Still Important? What the Data Says

This is a gentle reminder to stop prioritizing customer service over other areas in your business.

Ninety-five percent of customers rely on customer service to build brand loyalty. What about the other 10%? They might not have had a bad experience enough to make them want the hills.

Perhaps they will let one bad experience go. 76% are unhappy with a business for having two bad experiences. This is why customer service matters so much.

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