Customer Escalations – Management and Prevention

Customer Escalations – Management and Prevention, Assess your team & company on escalations management maturity | Learn best practices | Move from reactive to preventive.

When you have customers, you will have escalations. Escalations are a way of life in every organization. Escalations can’t be avoided. They can be reduced and prevented if structured customer escalations management process is followed.

Many organizations and startups view escalations as pain. However, escalations can be a gift as they highlight gaps and issues in processes. An organization must welcome customers and escalations, and not avoid them.

This program covers lots of interesting topics:

· Understanding escalations

· A framework to assess organization’s maturity in handling escalations and preventing escalations

· Why customers escalate

· Is escalation a gift

· How to manage escalations, when they happen

· How to prevent escalations – from process approach, measuring it right to empowerment and keeping customers informed

· Role of cultures in escalations

· Executive escalations

· Escalations in the age of social media

· Is escalations management important for startups

Some of the areas we cover

· Is the revenue from customers who complain higher than customers who don’t complain

· Is customer satisfaction dependent on employee satisfaction

· How to avoid burnout of escalations managers

· How to use the concept of corrective action and preventive action in preventing escalations

· Will poor IVR design create escalations

· How can anomaly detection and artificial intelligence be used to prevent escalations

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