Complete Legal English for Law Students and Lawyers

Complete Legal English for Law Students and Lawyers, Fundamentals of the English language in key areas of Commercial and Non-Commercial law with over 60 practical exercises.

Course Description

Do you find yourself stuck when reading a legal text in Englishdue to the language used? Are you confused or feel lost when listening to native English speakers discuss a certain legal issue or topic due to the complexity of the terminology?

This course is intended for anyone either studying law or working in some capacity in the field of law (and particularly for non-native English speakers). It introduces students (or provides a good review for those already with some knowledge) to key vocabulary, concepts, collocations and prepositions in some of the most important areas of law. It can also be a good introduction to the world of law for those with no legal background whatsoever (whether native or non-native English speakers).

By the end of the course, you should have the basics of the language in each of the areas of law covered to be able to understand and communicate with others smoothly and accurately.

Each lesson is divided into 4 parts as follows: i) a video that introduces the student to the fundamental language in the field of law studied; ii) a video script for those who want to see all the contents in writing with key terminology highlighted in bold; iii) a series of questions that check the understanding of the contents of the video; iv) a “workbook” with practical exercises that make it necessary to use the fundamental concepts introduced through the video and finally v) answer key (found towards the end of the course).

Some of the key areas of law covered include: Contracts; Business and Company; Property (both Intellectual and Real Estate); Legal Procedure (Civil and Criminal) and Litigation, among others. The course also includes several sessions on development of practical professional skills (in legal setting) such as email writing and negotiating.

A final exam testing understanding of all areas of law covered is provided at the end of the course.

Course Outline:

Section 1: Commercial Law I:

* Contract Law: Intro to the language of Contracts; Contractual Remedies; legal referencing words & understanding clauses

Section 2: Commercial Law II:

* Business formation & restructuring and Property Law: Intro to the language of Business and Company Law; Mergers & Acquisitions; Property law: Real Estate and Intellectual Property (IP)

Section 3: Most essential Non-Commercial Law:

* Intro to the language of Tort law (Civil Responsibility), Criminal Law and Litigation (Court process)

Section 4: Practical legal & professional skills:

* Legal and professional writing and speaking: Linking (or connecting) words; email writing & meetings/negotiating

Final Exam and Answer Key (to all exercises included in the course) is found at the end of the course.

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