Business Analytics: Analysing Third-Party Logistics Business

Business Analytics: Analysing Third-Party Logistics Business, Analysing Third-Party Logistics Business By using a Naive Bayes Theorem and Predicting target customer ofThird-Party Log.

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In this you will learn the basics of Third-Party Logistics Business and basics of Third-Party Logistics Business Statistics and by learning this basics you going analyse Third-Party Logistics Business by using Naive Bayes theorem and At the end of the course you have eligibility to analyse Third-Party Logistics Business and you can provide solution for Third-Party Logistics Businessmen and in the basics of Third-Party Logistics Business, you will learn Third-Party Logistics Business and it’s process and also in statistics, you will learn basics of statistics and also you will learn about hypothesis, Null hypothesis, alternate hypothesis, type1 error, type2 error and you will learn naive Bayes theorem and also u learn how to formulate naive Bayes for Third-Party Logistics Business for identifying target customer. This analysis done on the real time survey data which is gets from by teams and with this real data you going analyse. So, this will help you understand the Third party logistics clearly and also the naïve bayes formulation will help you to formulate the any data useful for prediction and this naïve bayes used for predicting target customer by this analysis , you know how to analyse and find the real time business opportunity and this can be done by the basics of statistics only. So that I covered the statistics basics also. So, By this I am saying that this course is very useful.

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