A Quick Guide to Turn Your Idea Into a Project

A Quick Guide to Turn Your Idea Into a Project, How to Define, Plan and Initiate a Successful Project.

You are an entrepreneur and you have some exciting ideas on how to extend or improve your organization. Or you aspire to start your business with some groundbreaking concept. Most probably, you are wondering – where to begin? How to turn these ideas into a successful reality?

If you want to bring your ideas to life, your project must be carefully planned. And this course is here to help you.

You will learn 7 key elements that you need to define to get your project a good start :

  • how to set realistic objectives,
  • how to clarify the scope of the project,
  • how to define the deliverables,
  • how to assemble the project team,
  • how to prepare the schedule,
  • how to estimate the budget,
  • how to identify potential risks and responses to them.

This course is based on methods, tools, and “golden rules” used by project managers. But you don’t need to be a professional project manager yourself or have any experience in project management to follow this course. It is simple, straightforward, and easy to use.

A case study is here to show you how to use these methods in real life.

You will be able to start working on your own project directly while following this course.

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