Get Speedy on Mac: 10x Your Productivity

Get Speedy on Mac: 10x Your Productivity, 28 targeted techniques to increase speed and save time.

Course in a nutshell

  • For folks who simply want to Get Speedy on Mac as quickly as possible – and move on with their lives
  • 28 targeted techniques across system, mouse & trackpad, keyboard, apps, getting things done, browser, windows, and launchers
  • Each topic is explained patiently, thoroughly, and assumes no prior knowledge

Why select this course?

  • No fluff; only targeted impactful techniques for folks short on time
  • Content is based on 10+ years of feedback from real employees at a top tech company who took live version of course
  • Real data from those employees shows avg. time savings of 5 min. per hour (~8% savings) after live version of course
  • High quality video and audio that’s easy to consume
  • 2-page printable PDF with keyboard shortcuts

Testimonials from employees who took live version

  • “I’ve been using a Mac for 8 years, and still learned a TON in this training!”
  • “Very helpful for anyone using Mac (even if you’ve worked at Apple for years)”
  • “In choosing a Mac, I thought I’d bitten more of the ‘apple’ than I could chew, but this course put me back on track”
  • “Useful knowledge provided by a content expert; provided us with the right tools to be efficient!”
  • “Worthy class, regardless if you are new or wanting to refresh”
  • “Take the class and if you even come away with 1 tip, you’ll be that much more efficient”
  • “It is quite practical and helpful!”
  • “Work smarter not harder”
  • “Worthwhile investment”


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