Adobe After Effects 101 | From newbie to your first video


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Adobe After Effects 101 | From newbie to your first video, Join the world of video by starting to use one of the most used software.

Join the world of motion graphic designers and learn their skills. If you want to take the route of post-production, you can do that too! 🙂 This course will help you if you’re starting out with After Effects. Does your new employer want you to use After Effects? Are you familiar with other pieces of media production software and want to take the leap forward into video? This course might be for you.

You will learn the basics of Adobe After Effects, its user interface, the basics of animations and keyframing and you will create your first short video. I designed this course to be easily understood by beginners, but if you can use Photoshop or Illustrator you might find it a little bit easier.


1. Introduction and What you will learn in this class

2. Downloading and installing Adobe After Effects

3. What you can do with After Effects + its user interface with panels and workspaces.

4. What is an animation? Your first steps into animating properties.

5. Hello World! Your first After Effects project, from a blank file to the rendered video.

You can use any version of Adobe After Effects (I would suggest to use at least a Creative Cloud version, so avoid CS6 and older).

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