Web Development For Absolute Beginners

Web Development For Absolute Beginners, Python Django Based.

participants should be able to handle full stack web application development using python, Django and template engine by the end of this course.

The Django web development framework provides a fast, easy and secure method of developing rich websites using the Python programming language. This Django training course helps absolute beginners learn to design, implement and manage web applications using.

This Django course explains how to use Django framework to create dynamic web applications. After completing this training course you would be able to use Django on your website projects.

Few practical Python Django based projects at the end of the course will ensure that you can apply Django on your web projects.

  • Install and Configure Python and Django environment.
  • Demonstrate the security implications of Django features, and develop secure websites with Django
  • Utilize Django Models to build an interface with powerful relational databases
  • Design and develop forms.
  • Control Django’s administrative interfaces
  • Utilize functions.
  • HTML. Bootstrap
  • Implement and maintain CURD using APIs and JSON
  • SQLite database management and creation.
  • Postman use for Application programming interface testing.
  • VS Code Integrated Development Environment.
  • Use of command shell in different context including web server administration.
  • Create rich user interface to interact with data basic functions such as add, update and delete.
  • work with serializes to transform database model into json and vice versa.

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