Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management, Master the stakeholder management skills : Tools, Techniques and Strategies.

In this course, we will learn who are stakeholders and what are the different techniques to identify them and engage with them for a successful project delivery.

We all manage projects, small or big, and we all want to deliver them successfully. At the same time, while executing our projects we all deal with different types of stakeholders. We need to identify them, who all are our stakeholder, what their engagement levels are and how are they influencing our projects and to what extent.

It is very important to make your stakeholders happy and at the same time deliver your project successfully.

From the project perspective this course will enable you to identify your stakeholders at the very starting of the project and also will equip you with the different tools and techniques to help engage your stakeholders efficiently throughout the project life cycle following an agile approach and collaborate with your stakeholders successfully.

It means that you need to engage with your stakeholders throughout the project life cycle collaborating with them successfully to achieve the goal. There is a need to understand what are the different tools, techniques and strategies and how you can use them efficiently for stakeholders’ and projects’ benefit.

An effective project management life cycle journey is all about a successful stakeholder management journey because at each and every stages and phases of your releases, you deal with different types of stakeholders and these stakeholders are at different engagement and influence level. We need to identify their goals, expectations and requirements and then match their goals with our project’s goal in a collaborative way for the project’s success.

This course will also enable and equip you to manage and control your stakeholders using available tools and techniques and efficient communication strategies.

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