Quickview to CYPETHERM Eplus

Quickview to CYPETHERM Eplus, Develop energy simulations with CYPETHERM Eplus.

CYPETHERM EPlus is an application for the simulation and modelling of buildings with EnergyPlus™.

EnergyPlus™, a calculation engine developed by the US Department of Energy (DOE), is currently one of the most widely used, powerful and renowned energy simulation engines. Thanks to its integration with CYPETHERM EPlus, the application becomes a powerful tool for the energy simulation of buildings, allowing their energy demand to be determined, as well as the energy performance of the HVAC systems, determining the energy consumption by building services and energy vector used.

Some of the calculation results offered by the program include:

  • Energy demand report
    Results of the energy demand calculation, detailed by thermal zone.
  • Energy consumption report
    Results of the energy consumption calculation, detailed by thermal zone and energy vector.
  • Condensation
    Allows users to check for the presence of surface and interstitial condensation in accordance with ISO 13788, integrating the calculation carried out by the CYPETHERM HYGRO program into each construction system of the building’s thermal envelope.
  • Description of materials and construction elements
    Report of the different construction elements present in the job along with their materials, quantities, transmission coefficients, etc.
  • Lineal thermal bridges
    Report of the linear thermal bridges introduced in the building, with their length and thermal transmittance values.
  • Internal comfort
    Allows the comparison of the indoor temperature of each zone of the building throughout the year with the outdoor temperature and with the maximum comfort temperatures established. In addition, it collects the unmet load hours of each zone.

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