Optimization problems in Mechanical Engineering


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Optimization problems in Mechanical Engineering, Hows and Whys?

This course presents a methodological and systematic set of guidelines and applications of optimization algorithms (e.g. GAMS) for real-world problems in mechanical engineering.

It provides an invaluable resource for undergraduate/postgraduate students as well as practicing engineers working in the mechanical engineering sector

It contains several applied case-studies, industrial and practical examples.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The basics of optimization techniques applied to mechanical engineering problems.
  • The problem-solving skill that enables you to deal with the practical aspects of optimization and mechanical engineering.
  • How to formulate a real-world mechanical engineering problem as an engineering optimization problem.
  • How to write optimization codes for applying on mechanical engineering problems.
  • How to deal with real problems from industry and the approach that should be taken to solve them.

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