Learn To Transform Guilt & Regret – Be Confident In yourself

Learn To Transform Guilt & Regret – Be Confident In yourself, 21 Days Of Learning How To Support Yourself And Discovering / Releasing The States Of Guilt And Regret.

The State Of Feeling Sorry

Do you often feel guilty as if you’ve done something wrong?
Do you often feel sorry?
Do you often agree with others out of fear being wrong?

These negative states of the mind are actually the states of Self-Rejection, which is the seed cause of unhappiness.
In this course we will go deep within to transform this state.

Developing Self-Acceptance

This course will take you to learn a technique called No-Sorries.
This technique simply asks you to stop saying the word “sorry” in your life.
In these 21 days you will understand why this technique works so that you can develop greater self-confidence and happiness in life.

There Are No Rules
Now the course is not asking you to follow religiously to not say sorry in your life. But it simply teaches you how by not saying sorry you can transform the mind. That is why this is a 21 day course so that you can understand the technique in more detail so you can fully experience the power of the technique rather than to guess what it would do to you.

Live your life, believing in yourself.
This course is targeted to those who often experience guilt, vulnerability, a lack of self-support / self-confidence, or those who always put others as priority before themselves.

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