Introduction to Differentiation (Differential Calculus)


Introduction to Differentiation (Differential Calculus), A great way to start learning Calculus through video lectures and quizzes.

This is an introductory course on Differential Calculus. It comprises of a total of close to 13 hours worth of videos and quizzes. This is perfect for secondary school students seeking a good primer on Calculus. It is also great as a refresher for everyone else.

The course is arranged from the very basic introduction and progresses swiftly with increasing depth and complexity on the subject. It is recommended that the students do not skip any part of the lectures, or jump back and forth, because good understanding of the fundamental is important as you progress.

Quizzes are included on 15 subtopics to strengthen your understanding and fluency on this topic. So it is advisable that you attempt all the questions.

The course is delivered by an experienced teacher with five years of experience teaching students on a one to one basis. The instructor understands the difficulties that students normally face to become competent in mathematics. So words and examples were carefully chosen to ensure that everybody gets the most out of this series of lectures. This is a MUST course for all secondary school students.

Have fun learning!

Introduction to Differentiation (Differential Calculus)
Introduction to Differentiation (Differential Calculus)
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