How to Choose a Trash out of 25+ Trash Types


How to Choose a Trash out of 25+ Trash Types, THRASH THE TRASH: To create an Impact In Trash Management – Developing/Underdeveloped countries.

What do you think about Trash? Is it a worthy or unworthy opponent?

Do you want to do something worthwhile in Trash management and want to THRASH the hell out of Trash?

This is the perfect course to identify your Trash type like a Pro out of 25+ trash types.

Why do you need to pick a trash type?

Whom do you want to be – Master of All (Generalist) or Master of one (Specialist)?

This course covers trash not from an environmental and technology perspective, but from multiple dimensional points of view.

How are you going to choose a trash type?

Validate with various research methodologies and strategic approaches to choose a trash type.

The course includes 15 downloadable activity sheets.

The course will shatter many misconceptions and myths in trash management. One such misconception is the estimated vs actual waste generation and how it impacts the industry and the policymakers.

As part of the course, the niches are categorized as follows

  • Trash Types as Macro-Niche
  • Business Models/Activites as Micro-Niche
  • Area of Expertise/Passion as Nano-Niche
  • Your goal should be find the synergy among the Macro, Micro and Nano-Niche.

In this course, the entire Macro-Niche has been covered i.e. trash types.

Three Trending Micro-Niche (business model/activities) have been included as bonus.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for all levels of students and working professionals who want to gain their knowledge in trash management and create an impact.

After course completion, students will receive a course completion certificate from Udemy.

So what are you waiting for?

Enroll on this Course to Thrash the hell out of Trash.

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