FREE Coaching Skills for Managers and Scrum Masters

FREE Coaching Skills for Managers and Scrum Masters, Learn a simple and powerful coaching framework and how to teach it to others.

In school, collaboration was called cheating.

We did not learn how to listen to each other.

In coaching, we learn how to listen to people and support them in their personal growth.

Ask yourself this question: Has your career been limited by your domain/technical skills or by your organizational/relational skills?

If you are like me (and the 15K+ people I’ve taught) your career success and happiness has been limited by organizational/relational skills.

Coaching is a great way to improve your organizational/relational skills: when you help other people succeed, you will succeed.

In this FREE course I show you the OSKAR coaching framework: what it is and how to use it. You will learn what it means, how to coach using it, and how to teach it to others.

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