Complete Guide to Candlestick Analysis

Complete Guide to Candlestick Analysis, Make high probability trades with simple techniques that very few traders know.

Hello Traders.

Welcome to Complete Guide to Candlestick Analysis course where you will learn how to make high probability trades with simple techniques that a very few traders know.

I am Dr. Abhijeet Birari and I have been trading in the equity, commodity and derivatives market since past 10 years and I have trained more than 2000 people on stock market and trading and I am going to be your trainer in this course.

  1. This course has more than 45 high quality videos having more than 3 hours of content and I assure you that after completion of the course, you will not need to do any course or read any material on candlestick analysis because I have revealed some of the candlestick analysis techniques that very few traders know that will give you edge over other traders in trading arena using real life examples to make it 100% practical.
  2. After completion of the course, you will be able to identify candlestick setups which have approximately 70% to 80% probability of success.
  3. You will also be able to calculate risk and reward on each trade so that you don’t make any unfavorable trade and importantly you’ll be able to make money in bullish as well as bearish market with heightened accuracy and I am sure that you will be able to trade with high confidence from the next moment after you finish the course.
  4. As far as the content of the course is concerned, it is divided into five module starting with
    • Basics of candlestick analysis where I touch upon basic concepts that you must know in order to do the candlestick analysis.
    • Second module is devoted to reading various types of candles wherein I teach you how to correctly interpret and read the different types of candles on the chart.
    • Then comes important modules, third and fourth one wherein I train you to identify various bullish as well as bearish candlestick patterns and teach you how to trade them with unique filters that very few traders know which will largely increase the probability of your success.
    • In the end I also teach you some Indecision candles and trading decisions that can be taken on the basis of them
  5. I have designed this course for those people who have just started their trading journey but don’t know where to start or if you are existing trader who is struggling to make money in the market or if you want time and financial freedom by generating secondary source of income, this course is for you.
  6. So come and experience this Masterpiece!!! I will see you inside the course…

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