Class-6 IMO: 3 question papers – solutions with concepts

Class-6 IMO: 3 question papers – solutions with concepts, Excel in Class-6 IMO Exam with solved question papers and detailed answers with maths fundamentals and concepts.

Dear Parents of Class-6 students and Dear Class-6 Students,

Welcome to my course on Class-6 IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad) Examination.

This course covers 3 IMO exam papers:

1) 2015 Set-A

2) 2015 Set-B

3) 2016 Set-A

What will you learn from this course?

1) This course will provide you the solutions to the above 3 IMO Exam papers with detailed answers and maths fundamentals and concepts explained.

2) You will learn the quickest method to solve a question. You need to be fast in IMO because there are 50 questions and you only have 60 minutes (1 hour) to solve.

3) You will also improve your Academic Performance in your Class-6 examination as this course has Class-6 Maths and Science Fundamentals.

Important Note:

You will need an Udemy account so as to view this course. So, dear student, please request your parent/guardian (over the age of 21) to open an Udemy account so that they can make this course available to you.

Once again, thanks for taking this course and join me in this wonderful IMO journey !

I am sure you will Excel and do good.

All the best !

Deven Deshpande

[M.Tech, IIT Mumbai]

[MBA, University of Sheffield, UK]

[B.Tech, MSU, Baroda]

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