Fiber Optics testing and measurements
Fiber Optics testing and measurements, Fiber Optic Characterization, Field testing of optical networks and underground Outside Plant. Course Description This course covers fiber optic testing and ...
Introduction to Telecommunication Business
Introduction to Telecommunication Business, Learning Telecom Business From Data. Data is a big part of the telecom business. Operators collect and use data extensively from monitoring ...
4G LTE Voice solutions | CSFB Circuit Switching fallback
4G LTE Voice solutions | CSFB Circuit Switching fallback, Learn how Circuit Switched Fallback (CSFB) is a technology whereby voice and SMS services are delivered to LTE devices. Circuit Switched ...
Introduction to Telecommunication Networks Engineering
Introduction to Telecommunication Networks Engineering, Become an expert in the field of electrical engineering communication . A communication course RAHEE414 from Rahsoft. Description In ...
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