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Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World | Level 1
Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World | Level 1, Discover Certain Hope in Uncertain Times by Southern California Seminary Chancellor Dr. David Jeremiah. Course Description Living with ...
Sacred Places in Hindu Temple
6 months ago

Sacred Places in Hindu Temple

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Sacred Places in Hindu Temple, An Introduction to the sacred spaces and places of Hindu Temple in India. A Hindu place of worship is called a mandir or temple. A temple is dedicated to a ...
Prophethood and Miracles
Prophethood and Miracles, Learn About the Prophets and the Ways to Trust Them. There are three reasons why we need the guidance of the prophets: 1. The need we have for their teachings; The ...
Proving God and His Qualities
Proving God and His Qualities, Learning the Logical and Islamic View on The Existence of God. In this course, students will explore the logical and Islamic view on proving God and His qualities. ...
The Leadership After Prophet!
The Leadership After Prophet!, Understanding the Difference Between Shia and Sunni. - Shia and Sunni: After the death of the Prophet of Islam, the Muslims were divided into two groups: One group ...
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