100 Snowflake Cost Optimization Techniques

100 Snowflake Cost Optimization Techniques, by World-Class Snowflake Expert, former Data Superhero and SnowPro Certification SME.

Course Description

What You Will Learn About Spending

  • How to use even bigger virtual warehouses for less expensive queries.
  • How to avoid huge cost traps in Snowflake by changing different parameter values.
  • How to optimize queries, compute, storage and overall costs in Snowflake.
  • How to properly consolidate underutilized warehouses.
  • How each serverless feature in Snowflake works and how to estimate their cost.
  • How to use parallel data transfer and processing everywhere you can.
  • How to combine different Snowflake editions in your organization.
  • How to use better data visualizations to estimate spending.
  • How to reduce your spending on all your Snowflake accounts.
  • I also offer over 300 high-quality presentation slides with the summary on each tip or technique!

Where You May Use This Knowledge

  • Drastically reduce costs on your own Snowflake accounts.
  • Create more Snowflake accounts – with different editions – and use them efficiently.
  • Help your clients reduce spending on their Snowflake accounts.
  • Help your employer reduce costs on Snowflake in your own organization.
  • Learn to recognize the traps most people fall into when using Snowflake.
  • Create not just highly performant, but also cost-effective SQL queries.
  • Learn how to get cheaper queries with huge warehouses, using hundreds of nodes.
  • I also offer an open-source GitHub repository with dozens of hands-on exercises and experiments!

What You Will Learn About Snowflake

  • Learn all about the virtual warehouses.
  • Learn how to monitor and optimize queries.
  • Learn about resource monitors and budgets.
  • Learn query acceleration and search optimization
  • Estimate efficient automatic clustering and maintenance of materialized views.
  • Learn all that matters about time travel and zero-copy cloning.
  • Learn how to efficiently deploy and combine Snowflake with other applications.
  • I have many brief but focused hands-on presentations of different Snowflake features!

Who I Am

  • The only world-class expert from Canada selected for the Snowflake Data Superhero program in 2021.
  • SnowPro Certification SME (Subject Matter Expert) – many SnowPro exam questions have been created by me.
  • Passed four SnowPro certification exams to date (with no retakes): Core, Architect, Data Engineer, Data Analyst.
  • Specialized in Snowflake for the past few years: I worked for Snowflake Partner companies, I served dozens of clients in this capacity or as an independent consultant, today I share my knowledge with highly specialize courses on Snowflake.

This is truly “the” Bible on Snowflake spending!

No other course, book or documentation around will offer as much insights, hands-on experiments and knowledge transfer on optimizing the cost on Snowflake as my course here, guaranteed!

Enroll today, and keep this course forever!

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