Build Photo Gallery App in SwiftUI 4, iOS 16 & PhotosPicker


Build Photo Gallery App in SwiftUI 4, iOS 16 & PhotosPicker, Learn SwiftUI 4’s Newly Introduced PhotosPicker with Real Example.

Welcome to another course from DevTechie[dot]com. In this course, you will learn to build a real-world example of SwiftUI 4. We will build an app called PhotosGallary where we will build a SwiftUI app from scratch in SwiftUI 4. You will also learn to use the newly introduced photos picker control which is now available as a natively supported component in SwiftUI. You will learn to build tab-based apps as well as app building by the technique called view composition where you will build individual components for the app UI and display them on the screen. You will learn to build a tag cloud with lazyVStack along with a scroll view. You will also learn to use a photo picker for single selection photos as well as multiple selections of photos. Photos will be picked from the photo gallery and you will learn to arrange a photo gallery grid with a dynamic grid layout. The layout will be computational and upon user event, the layout will cycle through various states. This course is intended for users who have familiarity with SwiftUI and iOS development. So join me in this course and let’s build this app together which can be the profile page for your next app.

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