Unleash Your Superpower


Unleash Your Superpower, Explore a rendezvous with your soul, in this enlightening journey. Discover powerful indivudalised step-by-step method.

Have you ever wondered what is this life all about? How can we make the most of this life? With all the information overload and noise out there, will I ever get to truly find my PURPOSE?

Hi, I’m Dr. Suryadeep Majumder, and I grew up questioning every single thing my parents told me to do. Why do pranaams? Why fold hands? Why play the conch? This would get me into trouble all the time.

Even in school, why to pray? Who’s listening? I never got any answers. Then finally, one fine day, the burning desire to find all my answers led to this extraordinary discovery, the compilation of which is handed to you in the form of this course.

In this course you will learn :-

  • Explore a deep dive within, have a breath taking meeting with your soul.
  • Understand the fundamentals between LOVE and FEAR, explore the opposite polarities.
  • “Cloud awareness exercise” – a unique practical tool to discover layers of IGNORANCE all the way to wisdom.
  • Layers of Spirituality – decoding definitions of Religion, Science and Spirituality.
  • “HTA Principle” – Decoding why do we do what we do!
  • Fun category of people observations – learn the 6 step framework to ever lasting bliss!
  • PLUS – 5 fundamentals questions exercise.
  • PLUS – Unique Spiritual Toolkit.
  • PLUS – Access to 1-2-1 Discovery session, invitation to join our closed community and much more…….

Those who study and practice SPIRITUALITY commonly encounter paradigm-shifting insights that deepen their self-awareness and ability to improve in a variety of different life areas. Throughout the quest, you will also learn the relationship between self-awareness, self-discipline and personal effectiveness.

SPIRITUALITY is primarily a skill. As you learn, explore and understand the patterns of this skill, and you utilise every opportunity to express it, you’ll be surprised with the changes annd upgrades you see in yourself.

The techniques and methods presented throughout this training is based on 200+ hours of coaching experience, varied in scope and incorporates new innovative methods. This unique online learning experience will equip you with all of the tools, skills and resources you need to form a sophisticated and eternal bond with SPIRITUALITY.

Upon enrolling, you will receive lifetime access to six modules of on-demand video teaching, alongside an extensive range of supplementary resources and other personal-growth success orientated exercises.

During this training, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of what triggers human behavior. With a range of demonstrations and focus on personal growth and effectiveness, this quest will serve as a valuable resource for anyone who wants in-depth knowledge and understanding of the key elements of the fundamentals of SPIRITUALITY.

You will get lifetime access to over 2 hrs of on-demand video and over 30+ additional course resources. There is no deadline for finishing the course, and you can fit it around your current responsibilities or at your preferred pace.

You can study anytime, anywhere and from any device. You’re protected by a full money-back guarantee – which means that you can enroll on the course today, absolutely risk-free.

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