Ultimate Prometheus


Ultimate Prometheus, Learn Prometheus from the ground up, from learning the basics of monitoring all the way to deployment on Kubernetes.

The importance of monitoring cannot be overstated, if we want our businesses to succeed, we need to have as much visibility as possible to the state of our systems.  Prometheus is the optimal choice for a monitoring system in 2020, it’s open source, feature rich and integrates easily with Kubernetes.

The Ultimate Prometheus course takes you all the way from learning why you should monitor your system to getting Prometheus deployed on Kubernetes. It’s meant to save you precious time reading through documentation, googling and experimenting manually with Prometheus to understand how things work. It is actually my own experience of doing these things that inspired me to create this course from the first place. 🙂

In this course we’ll be covering a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Why we should monitor our systems and what exactly is it we should be monitoring
  • Prometheus and monitoring terms, such as Sample, Time Series, TSDB, Label, etc.
  • How Prometheus works
  • Prometheus features and architecture (e.g. Service Discovery, Push Gateway, etc)
  • How to install Prometheus and how to use its web UI
  • The 4 metric types we have in Prometheus – Counter, Gauge, Histogram and Summary
  • Exposing metrics with a Go client
  • Configuring Prometheus and the Alert Manager
  • Setting up alerts and notifications
  • Deploying Prometheus on Kubernetes using the Prometheus Operator and CRDs
  • and so much more!

Enroll to the Ultimate Prometheus course and become a Prometheus expert,
being able to professionally deploy Prometheus and use it to monitor all the different parts of your system

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