The Art of Persuasive Communication for Beginners


The Art of Persuasive Communication for Beginners, Learn to craft your message in a compelling way that moves your listeners.

This step-by-step course shows you how to craft your message in the most persuasive way possible. You’ll learn how to bring listeners along with you on the journey and move them from Point A to Point B.

The course was created with people like small business owners or entrepreneurs who have to meet with potential clients, non-profit advocates who want to raise awareness or support, and professionals who need to convince internal stakeholders to partner with them on their important projects.

The lessons can be applied to various communication situations like public speaking messages, group meetings, and one-on-one conversationsPlease note: The course is not about how you actually stand up and present live and in the moment. It’s about how you craft and shape your message beforehand so it has maximum impact. Additionally, the course is not about sales, “hard selling,” or any closing techniques. In fact, quite the opposite. The course teaches good, fundamental principles about ethical persuasion that everyday professionals can use with integrity.

The course includes lessons in the following:

  • How to customize your message to listeners’ interests
  • How to create a greater sense of identification between you and your listeners
  • How to boost your credibility as a communicator
  • How to engage listeners’ minds and emotions with your message
  • How to design your talking points for maximum persuasive flow
  • The course provides two speaking templates to speed up your preparation and ensure a well-crafted message

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