Test Driven Development with PHP Unit

Test Driven Development with PHP Unit, How to unit test your code and develop it the test driven way.

What you will learn?

  • PHP Developer who wants to learn Unit Testing
  • Testers who wanna work with the PHP Unit Framework
  • Web developers working on PHP Software
  • Professional PHP Developers
  • Quality Assurance Experts

Course Requirements

  • Knowledge of Programming
  • Basic PHP Knowledge

Course Description

You would like to learn the PHP  testing framework PHPUnit and use it in the Test Driven Development (TDD) way?
This course is the right starting point for anybody who would like to get into this new development approach and learn the basic concepts of TDD and the functionality of PHP Units. Learn to write better and testable code with the TDD approach and say goodbye to long times of debugging after coding, when you write your code by the test-first approach.

– Install PHP Unit with Composer
– Use PHPUnit in Linux or windows shell
– Checkout course material from GIT
– Test Driven Development basics
– Writing Test Cases in PHPUnit
– Executing PHPUnit Tests
– Using data providers
– Testing exceptions and output

This course comes with a free example repository, downloadable as a zip or accessible via GitLab,
see the optimal mix of practical and theoretical approaches, and feel free to send in questions at any time.

As an Author, I created this course to share my experience with PHPUnit.
During my long year experience as a software developer, tester, and scrum master I collected a huge amount of experiences, I share the most useful project experience and tips in this software course to give you the optimal start into the world of test-driven development with PHPUnit.
TDD will bring your software coding skills to the next level, and will you enable to write better software as well as to have more fun while coding.

Hope to see you in the course,
with best regards
John Behrens

Who this course is for:

  • PHP Developer
  • Developer
  • Software Engineers
  • Software Tester

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