Six Healing Sounds Qi Gong with Tai Chi for Relaxation


Six Healing Sounds Qi Gong with Tai Chi for Relaxation, Six Controlled Breath Exercise Qi Gong Using Sound Echo Vibration Giving Internal Organs Gentle Massage, No Elsewhere!

Six controlled breath exercise Qi Gong  using “呬、呵、呼、嘘、吹、嘻 Sī, hē, hū, xū, chuī, xī ” sound together with gentle movements. This ancient Chinese breath exercise can give your Internal Organs Gentle Massage, no other sport can do!

Six Healing Sounds is corresponding different Meridians lines in our body, the Channel our Qi .  Qi, in Chinese medicine refers to the power that can make human organs function. Qi has the characteristics of movement, and the Qi stimulates and regulates the body’s metabolism with its continuous operation, and promotes the life process of the human body. The movement of Qi ceases, and the process of the body’s metabolism is stopped, which marks the termination of the life process. The movement of Qi is called a Qi function. The human body’s Qi is  extremely delicate substance that is constantly moving. It is circulating throughout our body, and reaches the internal organs, and reaches the muscles and skins to exert its physiological functions, promoting and stimulating various physiological activities of the human body.  Qi is the source and vitality of life. If the blood and Qi  circulations are strong, then the various physiological activities of the human body will also be strengthened. Human hormones such as male and female hormones also increase. The quality of sperm and eggs will also increase. The combination of sperm and egg produces life. Life is derived from 1+1. Chinese Taoists pay attention to the cultivation of “essence, pneuma (breath, energy, vital force), spirit” and “refining the essence”.   (YAO 20191022)

Qi Gong practice typically involves moving meditation, coordinating slow-flowing movement, deep rhythmic breathing, and a calm meditative state of mind. People practice Qi Gong  throughout China and worldwide for recreation, exercise, relaxation, preventive medicine, self-healing, alternative medicine, meditation, self-cultivation, and training for martial arts.

Combine my knowledge in Tai Chi, I will present “Six Healing Sounds Qi Gong with Tai Chi for Relaxation” in the simple and fun way as possible!

Six Healing Sounds Qi Gong with Tai Chi for Relaxation
Six Healing Sounds Qi Gong with Tai Chi for Relaxation
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