Real case-Sell on Amazon and win


Real case-Sell on Amazon and win, Credit card solution, account application step by step tutorial, how to increase rate approved by Amazon, 50USD budget.

We focus on helping people from any country, such as Nigeria, Pakistan, and most countries in the world, to sell on Amazon

More than 100+ countries can sell on Amazon, according to the policy of amazon–the country list is on the course resources.

We understand your pain point:

Don’t tell me strategies

Tell how to get an Amazon seller account

This course is best for you, since we, our team operate 20+ Amazon seller accounts and make a success

Each store when we start, we use 50USD to start with.

we understand getting a seller account approved and kept in good shape is not easy

there are alot of skills needed

1, for example, if you are from Nigeria or Pakistan, if you want to get approved, you need to have an internationally chargeable credit card? it may be hard in your countries, how to get it ? we have solutions for successful applications.

2, for example, you may not have budget, but only 50 usd or 100 usd? how to start? still can

We test all our new stores always from 50 USD budget

We are profession Amazon selling team, we only teach our 10+ year step by step tutorial, not just strategy

There is 3 wrong Impression about selling on Amazon

1, I need to have a company to be an Amazon seller—as a person is fine

2, I need to pay a high fee to Amazon every month to keep your seller account—individual selling plan 0 fees (pro selling plan 39.9/M)

3, I need to purchase a lot of inventory upfront to put in the Amazon warehouse to start selling—a light-duty way to manage FBA inventory

Here is what you will learn from this course:

Section 1: There is 3 wrong Impression about selling on Amazon:

need company, need high fee, need lot of stock upfront

Section 2: Deep understanding of Amazon

how to manage Amazon FBA inventory LIGHT DUTY

Section 3: Product choosing Step 1: Choose niches by


Section 4: Product choosing Step 2: Choose a competitor to learn to inspire

Section 5: How to find suppliers who can meet the above principle

Section 6: What to do next

Key principles:


(to save shipping cost at least for 2 trips)

Niches with CHEAP cost

Niches can sell HIGH margin(5+ times)

Other product choosing principles:

1, high quality – review/account health/

2, sustainable supply–without MOQ and product time (stock) / shipping time

3, keep it simple not overbuilt

4, vast target audience

5, you need to compete with Chinese sellers

6, light customization—print on demand

7, keep away from infringing

8, Keep away from sensitive products: liquid, powder, battery

9, Keep away from highly restricted by law category:

Beauty category: some need FDA

Children’s toys: Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)

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